About MySecondHome

MySecondHome is an international website for the second home market with a large, top-quality range of second homes across Europe. For many people, the search for their second homes starts right at MySecondHome.


As someone looking for a home, you have access to the largest European range of second homes. Use a simple search menu or map to find your dream home from the extensive range. You can easily compare houses based on various specifications and create a free account with a search term.


A central point for simply and economically offering all your European homes and second homes. Estate agents, property developers and private sellers benefit from this with MySecondHome. If a home is claimed, the owner can supplement the information and view the statistics whenever they want. One of the options includes automatically transferring and updating the housing range via XML.


MySecondHome is based in Uithoorn, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. A team of specialists focuses specifically on advising and supporting home providers in the various countries. They support estate agents and project developers who are aiming to present their home range. In addition, there is a marketing department fully dedicated to generating traffic and creating and monitoring the positioning. MySecondHome carries out the advertisement sales both indoors and outdoors: through external partners in the different countries in which the organisation is active.

Vision and mission

The European market for second homes has grown rapidly over the last two decades. Improved travel options, an increase in prosperity and the rise of the Internet are the main causes of this. For many of those in Western Europe, the dream of a second home is getting closer to reality.

The international market for second homes, however, can be obscure and complex. Due to differences in languages, customs and regulations, consumers require clear and reliable information. The highly specific, current range of second homes at MySecondHome meets these requirements.

MySecondHome aims to positively boost the European market for second homes as a whole by:

  • Providing an insight into the market for potential buyers by bridging the language barrier between demand and supply.
  • Informing potential buyers as reliably and completely as possible, supporting them in taking the right step forward, and inspiring them.
Please contact us if you have any further questions – we’d be delighted to be of service.
Yours faithfully,
The MySecondHome team