Who we are

MySecondHome (“MSH”) forms part of Leisure Invest B.V., registered in the trade register in the Chamber of Commerce under number 34284069. Our office is at Molenlaan 51 in Uithoorn.

MSH assists with the promotion of and searching for, whether or not through the intervention of an estate agent (private or otherwise) a second home in Europe (in short: “Holiday Homes”). MSH is a platform and aims to make things easier for you while at the same time, guaranteeing your privacy. In this document, we set out how we process your personal details in our workflows. This differs in accordance with the service and type of user (searcher or provider) and for these reasons, we have chosen to describe what we do, why, and what it means for you depending on the type of service and user.

The objective behind collecting personal details

MSH uses personal details in a general sense to search for or find the perfect match for you in the field of Holiday Homes, i.e. your personal details are used to be able to offer and improve the MSH services. Another goal of data collection is to keep the platform secure, reliable and available, to enable customer contact and also for marketing purposes, as well as for analysis.

Which personal details?

MSH collects a range of details, including personal details. We understand this term to mean details that can be traced back to a specific individual. Depending on the service in question and the type of user you are, we collect data – taking into account the purpose. This involves:

  1. Account details: details submitted when creating and using an account.
  2. Details provided: details you provide to MSH when using the website and when making requests for service, such details, depending on the type of request, may be sent to parties with whom MSH cooperates.
  3. Automatically generated details: details that are collected automatically.
  4. Usage details: information on the ways in which you use the MSH platform.
  5. Feedback details: details that we collect to improve our service.
  6. Correspondence details: details that may be shared during correspondence with MSH.
  7. Property details: (received and collected) details of the Holiday Homes on the MSH platform, MSH.
  8. Identification details: provide proof of identity or other identification details when exercising rights under the privacy policy or for other reasons.

Which service?

There are several ways in which use can be made of the MSH service. We distinguish between:

  1. You visiting the MSH website/platform without registration
  2. You creating an account on the MSH platform as someone who is looking for a Holiday Home (registered)
  3. You creating an account on the MSH platform as a provider (whether or not on behalf of an underlying client) of a Holiday Home (registered)
  4. You requesting information on a Holiday Home (brochure, viewing)
  5. You registering for the MSH newsletter

The MSH service you use influences which details we collect from you.

  1. You visiting the MSH website (without registration)

In the event of an unregistered visit, you are exploring our range of holiday homes. You can do this as a party who is looking for a Holiday Home, as well as a party who wishes to offer one or more Holiday Homes via the platform at MSH.

In the event of an unregistered visit, you have the option of requesting information on Holiday Homes offered on the MSH platform by filling in a contact form. We process the details as described below under 1.

User, Feedback and Automatically generated details are collected on the MSH website. We retain general visitor details and can use this information to, for example, optimise the format of the website and post more targeted information on the website. This allows MSH to improve its service to searching and offering parties. MSH registers how visitors click through the MSH website; how the platform is used. We use these details for statistical analysis of visitor behaviour but also to combat fraud. These are always general data that cannot be traced back to a person.

  1. You create an MSH account as a ‘searcher’

Creating an MSH account as a ‘searcher’ means that you indicate on the MSH platform that you are searching for a Holiday Home. By creating an account, not only can you search through Holiday Homes offered by providers, but you can also save entries, form search terms and look back through Holiday Homes you have already viewed.

When you create an account, you provide, with your permission, information that enables us to create a profile of you and to register it. We use these Account and Shared details alongside details that have been automatically generated. We can also then use your profile to carry out a (partly automated) search for your perfect Holiday Home. It also allows us to inform you (by telephone, email or newsletter) of other new properties that meet your interests, and any changes in the Holiday Homes you have viewed or saved. If you have an account and make information requests, the provisions under 4 apply to those information requests.

You can use your account to determine which features you search for and wish to find, along with how you would prefer to be informed. In this way, we prevent ourselves from processing any of your details that you would not want us to process and/or from sending you information you do not wish to receive.

The ground on which we use your personal data depends on your permission. You can delete your account at any time, or amend your Account Details. As soon as the account is inactive for a set period of time, we will register that information and delete your profile within 5 years thereafter.

  1. You create an MSH account as a ‘provider’

As a platform, MSH offers providers of Holiday Homes the option of uploading Holiday Homes. To do so, an account must be created. An account may only be created as a ‘provider’ once a licence agreement (“GO”) has been drawn up with MSH. In the LA and the associated processing contract, we make agreements regarding our cooperation along with the details that are processed and exchanged in that context, with the aim of safeguarding the privacy of all those involved.

If, as a provider of Holiday Homes, you are registered and use the platform, we publish details about you on the platform so that searchers are able to see details including which party is offering certain Holiday Homes. You can see for yourself who has saved the Holiday Homes you have offered and/or who has requested information about them. You can and must process if, and who, has viewed the Holiday Home, and indicate whether a Holiday Home has been sold. In doing so, you must take the provisions in the LA and the associated processing contract into account.

We also collect details (Account, Shared and Automatically generated details) on personal use of providers in order to be able to offer and improve our services. To the extent that permission has not been given in the LA, we request special permission, unless it concerns Identification Details that we must have in our possession on legal grounds, or details that we collect on the basis of a legitimate interest (such as details for being able to guarantee the security of the platform).

We retain the details up to five years following the end of the LA, unless the relevance of those details to MSH’s services no longer applies or alternative arrangements have been agreed in the LA.

  1. Information requests:

When you make an information request, we ask you to complete a contact form in which you specify your name, email address and telephone number. If you make an information request within your MSH account, your Account Details will be registered with the information request. We or one of the parties with whom we work (and with whom we have shared the details) can use these details (if the requests relate to us) to get in touch with you. We process the details and your request based on your permission. This also applies when it comes to sharing details. We only share details with parties with whom we work and with whom we have made agreements regarding the processing of details in order to guarantee your privacy.

An information request may involve requesting a brochure, for example, or arranging a viewing. In the case of a viewing, the information that this viewing is planned and when it is planned is processed by us or the provider.

We use all the details required in order to find you the perfect match between your interests and the Holiday Homes offer. This means that we or third parties with whom we work may get in touch with you once your details have been processed in order to draw your attention to new or current offers relating your interest, for example, with specific digital newsletters, telephone contacts or personal emails.

We retain these details for 5 years once they have been provided, unless you indicate that we must delete them sooner.

  1. Newsletters

If you want to stay informed of developments on the MSH platform, you can register for our newsletter. This contains a range of topics and offers. To perform your request, we register your name and email address.

You can also register for our newsletters through your MSH account, and the newsletters will where possible be tailored to the details specified in your profile.

When sending digital newsletters, MSH works with a party based within the EU. This party works in accordance with the European legislation.

How are details collected?

The majority of details processed by MSH are details you have provided to us via the MSH platform, for example when you create an account. You then give us permission to process your details. It may also be the case that we receive details about you via others. We process these due to a legitimate interest consisting of providing and improving our services.

In addition, MSH processes automatically-generated details. This is carried out using cookies, among other things. We set out our Cookie Policy below.

Furthermore, there are conceivable situations in which we link the details collected, anonymised or otherwise. We can provide better service using the linked details.

Sharing details with third parties

We may provide your personal details to third parties providing this fits within the purpose of the data processing. The third parties to whom we provide personal details are described more specifically for each service. The most common situation is one in which we share details with an offering party. If there is a legal obligation for us to provide details collected to third parties, we are obliged to do so and shall do so.


MSH takes privacy seriously in every case and sees the rules relating to data protection as logical standards of decency. MSH processes your details carefully and in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. MSH places great importance on ensuring adequate security, both in a technical and an organisational sense, so that your details are protected against unauthorised use and use that is not permitted, as well as to prevent alteration and unlawful destruction. MSH regularly evaluates its security policy and if necessary, carries out amendments.

Social media

MSH uses social media to keep you informed of the supply of Holiday Homes. You can follow us (now or in the near future) on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. No terms and conditions on the part of MSH are associated with the use of social media. However, the terms and conditions of the social media platform apply, which you have probably already opted into.

MSH uses the advertising options of social media platforms. We display your advertisements based on the details that the social media platform collects with your permission, for example that you follow us, are interested in Holiday Homes or that you live in a particular region. MSH does not have an influence on which details social media platforms collect from you.

Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files that are used by websites to make the user experience more efficient.
In accordance with the law, we may save copies on your device that are strictly necessary for the use of the website. We require your permission for all other types of cookies.

MSH uses cookies on the platform to personalise content and advertisements, to offer functions for social media, and to be able to analyse the website traffic.

Some cookies are placed by services of third parties that are displayed on our pages. We also share information on your use of our site with our partners for social media, advertisements and analysis. These partners can combine these details with other information that you have provided them with or that they have collected based on your use of their services. You accept our cookies by continuing to use our website.

MSH uses different types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies: Necessary cookies help make our website more usable by allowing basic functions such as page navigation and access to secured parts of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot work effectively.
  2. Preferred cookies (matching system): Preferred cookies ensure that our website can retain information that influences the behaviour and the format of the website, such as the language of your choice, the region in which you live or information based on favourite Holiday Homes, searches and search history.
  3. Statistical cookies: Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors use our website by collecting and reporting details.
  4. Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are used to follow you when you visit different websites with the aim of displaying customised, relevant advertisements. This makes these ads more valuable for publishers and external advertisers.

You may amend or withdraw your permission at any point.

Retention periods

MSH does not store your details for any longer than is necessary for the service and the improvement of that service. Some details are stored for longer, or are stored automatically. The retention periods we use are included for this purpose. Once the retention periods have expired, we will under certain circumstances opt to keep your account details anonymous in such a way that the details can no longer be traced back to the individual.

Your rights

You are entitled to take control of your personal details. You can always contact us to view, amend or delete the personal details we process about you free of charge. To do so, send an email to If you have an account, you can use it to see which personal details you have entered. You can amend and remove these details. You can use the privacy settings within your account to exercise your privacy rights. We may transfer personal details under certain circumstances. In addition, you may request that we limit the processing of your personal details. You may make a complaint against the processing of details we handle based on a legitimate interest.

If you are receiving our newsletter and no longer wish to receive it, you may at any time unsubscribe by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the newsletter.

Cookies and similar technology are easy to remove or block, by using methods such as the cookie settings on the MSH website.

If you wish to make use of your rights and make requests to us accordingly, we may ask you to identify yourself. We will then ask you to send proof of identity on which you have obscured your photo and Citizen service number.

Questions or comments?

If you have questions or complaints regarding how details are processed by MSH, we would be delighted to hear from you. We consider your privacy to be of great importance and handle your questions or complaints seriously. We request that you address these to our Data Protection Officer. You can get in touch with them by emailing

If we are unable to work it out together, or if you do not wish to work it out together, you can always submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority.